Mode Music and Performing Arts Classes 2019-2020


We are excited to offer a full roster of Music, Theatre and Dance classes in 2019-2020 for all ages. Below is our schedule for fall.

The ages listed below are suggested but not mandatory. Siblings are welcome in class and we’ll always make exceptions to accommodate families. Please reach out to with any questions on enrollment.

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Class Pricing – Fall 2019*

*There will not be classes on Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving

All sessions are now 12 weeks long – 45 minute classes are all $144, 60 minute are all $180.


Start Dates – Fall 2019

Mondays – start 9/23, end 12/16. No class 11/25 (Thanksgiving week)
Tuesdays – start 9/24, end 12/17. No class 11/26 (Thanksgiving week)
Wednesdays – start 9/25, end 12/18. No class 11/27 (Thanksgiving week)
Thursdays – start 9/26, end 12/19. No class 11/28 (Thanksgiving)
Fridays – start 9/27, end 12/20. No class 11/29 (day after Thanksgiving)
Saturdays – start 9/21, end 12/14. No class 11/30 (Thanksgiving weekend)
Sundays – start 9/22, end 12/15. No class 12/1 (Thanksgiving weekend)


Drama Class Descriptions

Story Drama   ages 6-10

Explore the world of storytelling! In this unique drama class students will find themselves immersed in their imaginations while recreating stories from their favorite books. Using movement, games, writing and visual art we will build a story and have a tale to tell.

Animal Play Creation   ages 8-12

Discover your own human animal! In this class, through movement, games, writing exercises and performance, students will build characters and scenes based on animal study. Be ready to be amazed at what studying animals can do for acting and for fun!

Drama Adventures   ages 4-6

There is a time and a place for big imaginations- and it is HERE!! Our little students create gigantic worlds and through games, visual art and movement we shape these worlds into great big stories.

Theatre Movement    ages 8-15

Keep on your toes! Theatre movement is all about getting your body in a space where it’s ready to move at all times. We have to loosen up and strengthen our mind body connection to be ready to listen and respond. In this class, we will move through fun dance phrases, active games, exploration of Eastern and Western movement techniques and more!

Broadway Revue    ages 6-11

Experience the whimsical feeling of a Broadway musical rehearsal in this fun musical theatre class! Students will sing, dance, create and enjoy the excitement of the musical theatre world.

Music Class Descriptions

Tiny Modes – ages 0-4

Our tiniest of all classes, reaching the ages 0-4 in the way of music! We use both original tunes and the music of Caspar Babypants. This program encourages children at a very young age in movement, song, dance, play and story time all in one 45 min class.

Dance Class Descriptions

Tiny Classes – ages 3-5

In these classes, students will be introduced to elements of basic hip-hop/ballet/modern dance technique in a safe, supportive, and playful environment.
Developmentally appropriate games and exercises will:
-increase body awareness and coordination
-encourage cooperation and respect
-foster an understanding of classroom skills
-lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of artistic forms

Creative Movement
In this class, students will engage in a variety of compositional games and exercises that will encourage creativity and expression. The quarter-long curriculum will move through scaffolded, developing themes that will lead students to work together and independently to investigate the world around them with movement, music, and play.

Beginning Classes – ages 6-10
In these classes, students will begin to build a basic technical hip-hop/ballet/modern vocabulary.
Each class will include a warm up, level-appropriate center floor exercises, and an opportunity for students to learn and/or create choreographed material.
Students will gain strength, mobility, and social/emotional tools in a classroom atmosphere focused on safety, kindness, and joy.

Intermediate Classes – ages 11-15
In these classes, students will build on prior knowledge to advance technical mastery of *hip-hop/modern* dance technique.
Each class will include a warm up, strength and mobility exercises, and center floor exercises designed to challenge both brain and body. Students will have the chance to learn choreographed material and to use their own compositional skills to create choreographic studies in a supportive environment.
This class is designed to foster community, creativity, and increased technical proficiency.

Open Hip Hop – ages 16+
In this class, teens and adults come together to enjoy hip-hop dance in a positive and inclusive environment welcoming to dancers at all levels of experience.